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The Vincent Persichetti Music Association will appear for the first time in Torricella Peligna at the inauguration of the new Pro Loco center, with a ceremony dedicated to Albert Porreca, co-founder of the website, who tragically passed away last September. This event (March 28th, 2009) will be presented in the ONARMO in Torricella. Albert’s wife Lee and four grown children are coming directly from the US to attend the event, as is Dan Aspromonte, the other co-founder of the website.

The Association was asked to perform a concert for this important event. We are very pleased with this invitation because it allows us to present our music to the community of Torricella before the official inauguration of our Torricella center this coming summer.

We are grateful to the Pro Loco for this opportunity, particularly to President Antonio Di Fabrizio.  We also thank Antonio Piccoli, our event coordinator in Torricella Peligna. We hope this successful working relationship continues! 

On the concert program for March 28th is the Duo Serpilli, with Roberta Serpilli at the piano and Caterina Serpilli at the guitar. The program includes piano solos and guitar solos by great classical composers, naturally including Vincent Persichetti and some of his protégés! A unique finale is planned with piano and guitar music that will go from classical pieces to film scores!





The Vincent Persichetti Music Association’s inaugural event at the Falconara center was a great success. Although the event coincided with an Italian holiday, the center on Via del Consorzio was packed with an impassioned group of friends, musicians and teachers.


The evening program began with a brief presentation by President Rosanna Persichitti. She explained how the association came about, from the discovery of Vincent Persichetti to the genealogical research done with skill and patience by Gabriele Serpilli, to the professional and moral support Caterina and Roberta Serpilli lavished on her to get the association off the ground.   

Later, the President gave thanks to all those that have supported the association from the very beginning, amongst which she mentioned Andrew Mast (professor at Lawrence University, Wisconsin, as well as president of the American association devoted to Persichetti) and Anthony Piccoli, the primary liaison with the town administration of Torricella Peligna (the composer’s town of origin).

Before Professor Marco Salvarani' speech, the President thanked in the name of the entire Vincent Persichetti Music Association the Vice-mayor of Falconara, Gilberto Baldassari, and the Torricella Peligna delegation, formed by Carmine Ficca, Culture and Tourism Councilmember, and Cristian Crivelli, Vice-president of the "Proloco".  It was an honor to have them present despite the 300 kilometers that separate the two towns.

Later Professor Mark Salvarani (professor at the G. Rossini Conservatory of Pesaro) spoke about Vincent Persichetti. The professor spoke about the life and the works of Persichetti, with references to history and musical development during the time period of his formation. The professor played short pieces by the most influential composers of the time to accompany his talk. He said Persichetti’s music moved away from the aleatory (employing the element of chance in the choice of tones, rests, durations, rhythms, dynamics, etc.) tendencies of contemporary music.  His compositions were works of craft in the finest sense of the word.  Furthermore, he said Persichetti’s compositional style became simpler over time and less experimental.


Professor Salvarani explained how Persichetti used two musical styles in particular, graceful and gritty, and he played two pieces to highlight the difference.

Then the professor talked about Persichetti’s teaching at the Julliard School of New York with stories from his students.  He concluded his talk with a statement made by Steve Reich, which demonstrates how wonderful Persichetti must have been:

“Vincent Persichetti was a fantastic teacher, he had enormous musical knowledge and he knew how to be a chameleon. He listened to you, looked at your work and became you: he improvised musical pieces in your same style. He knew what you needed to know in that precise instant of your musical life; he saw where you were going, not as a reflection of himself but with heightened awareness of who you were – truly the sign of a great musical master.”

With this statement Professor Salvarani’s talk ended, and he received accolades and enthusiastic applause from musicians and non-musicians alike.  All found his talk very interesting and comprehensible. 

Political representatives of Falconara Maritimma and Torricella Peligna were then given an opportunity to speak. The Vice Mayor of Falconara

 Maritimma, Gilberto Baldassarri, thanked the association for the invitation and said he was delighted and fortunate he managed to attend the event in place of the Councilwoman for Cultural Affairs, Stefania Signorini, who regrettably could not make it.  He promised the support of the town administration of Falconara Marittima. Carmine Ficca, the young Councilman for Cultural Affairs of Torricella Peligna, then spoke. The councilman was clearly pleased with the event.  He introduced Torricella Peligna to the Falconara public and mentioned that many famous people can be traced back to Torricella. He gave his support to the Vincent Persichetti Music Association and promised to help organize summer events.

Then there were the much-anticipated musical performances dedicated to Persichetti.  The first performance did not involve music by Persichetti, but rather by one of his many students, the still-living, Cuban composer, Leo Brouwer. 


Caterina Serpilli, vice president of the association and the association’s webmaster, performed some pieces for guitar: the Etudioses Sencillos (Simple Studies), Numbers 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and “Un dia de Noviembre”.  

Then, at last, we heard Persichetti’s music performed live by Roberta Serpilli! The artistic director of the association played the "Seventh

Sonata for Piano” drawn from a collection of  “12 Sonatas for Piano” dedicated to Vincent Persichetti’s wife, Dorothea.

To conclude, the soprano Angela Depace performed three “songs” from various compositions for voice that Vincent devoted to twentieth century poets. The audience enjoyed the suggestive sounds of the following “songs” for voice and piano (Roberta Serpilli):    

“When the Hills Do” – Emily Dickinson Songs

“Thou Child So Wise” – Hilaire Bellock Songs

“Brigid’s Song” – James Joyce Songs.



Angela Depace gave an encore, and the inauguration officially concluded. Then, a delicious buffet was served. The evening continued in the spirit of friendship and congeniality, and Riccardo Burattini entertained and amazed everyone with an impromptu piano performance.

Last but not least, we must thank the Artemisia Artistic Association.  The master artist Stefano Tonti made it possible for us to adorn the center with artwork by Giň Pomodoro, which gave the center a touch of elegance and refinement. 


From the left: Carmine Ficca, Caterina Serpilli, Rosanna Persichitti and Cristian Crivelli



On October 2nd, 2008, the Vincent Persichetti Music Association was officially created!  
Rosanna Persichitti, Gabriele M. Serpilli, Roberta Serpilli and Caterina Serpilli have signed the constitutive legal act. The purpose of the association is to become a musical and cultural reference point. 

Vincent Persichetti was an immensely important Italian-American composer, musician and theorist in the musical panorama of the last century.  He lived his entire life in Philadelphia. He taught at the Julliard School in New York to a generation of composers.

The Association is named after him because the president, Rosanna Persichitti, discovered that the composer’s father was born in her town of origin, Torricella Peligna, in the province of Chieti, Italy, and at that point she also discovered that she and the composer shared a common ancestral lineage. 

The main goal of the association is to bring Vincent “home”, to spread awareness of him and his works.

The association will operate in two centers: Falconara Marittima, Ancona, Italy, and Torricella Peligna, Chieti, Italy.

The Torricella center represents the bond between the association and Vincent Persichetti himself, who loved to remember his Italian origins in interviews, often mentioning Torricella Peligna 
Most of the association’s activities will take place in Falconara Marittima with concerts, meetings and other events. In the center it will also be possible to review material on Vincent Persichetti and some of his protégés. 

The inauguration of the Vincent Persichetti Music Association will be on Sunday December 7th, 2008, from 5pm in the Falconara Marittima center (address: Via del Consorzio, 2).

The center will be adorned for the event with artwork kindly provided by Stefano Tonti, master artist at the Artemisia Artistic Association. 
At 5:30pm there will be the association’s official presentation by the President Rosanna Persichetti.  Then, Professor Marco Salvarani of the G. Rossini Conservatory of Pesaro will describe Vincent Persichetti’s life and the historical period in which he lived. 
Short musical performances will follow, tributes to Vincent Persichetti with music for piano, guitar and voice. 
Among the performers, there will be an exceptional soprano, Professor Angela Depace. 
Then there will be a delicious buffet served by the Languorino Restaurant Pizzeria. 

The event is open to everybody, and it is free! 
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