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Events 2009


The association likes to keep a constant activity, concerning different kind of events. 
You will find here the events we are going to do and the ones done in the recent past, with the whole necessary material to make you participate, even if you are not been able to come here in the past!






Great success for the concert " Befana!" ("Waiting... the Epiphany!"), the first concert entirely offered by the "Vincent Persichetti" musical association in the Christmas period. A vast and heterogeneous program caused a loto of applauses end encores!



The concert was separated in two parts and it began with Falconara's "Choral Musicanova" exhibition, directed by the Teacher Claudio Fritelli (Christmas songs and spirituals performed by voice only was the repertoire). 


The second part was devoted to the saxophone! 
More precisely the Sax Quartet by Pesaro's "G. Rossini" Conservatory has marveled and thrilled the public with a nice and fascinating repertoire!


The four young sax players, Stefano Bacelli, Stefano Mallucci, Mattia Serpentini and Simone Tenaglia, are all students at Pesaro's "G. Rossini" Conservatory, and they played in this formation for the first time, a perfect execution! 

After the third encore anda lot of applauses for this Quartet, the evening finished with the Vice-president Caterina Serpilli regards and the thanks to all.


From the left: Mattia Serpentini, Stefano Mallucci, Caterina Serpilli,

 Roberta Serpilli,  Simone Tenaglia, Stefano Bacelli




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